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Imagine transforming

your life from the roots... 

What is Perfect Life Awakening?

The inner spiritual adventure work I do is called “Perfect Life Awakening” since that is exactly what it does – awakens you to discover, align with and embody your perfect life.  It facilitates facing the denied, suppressed aspects of what is affecting you subconsciously, the thoughts, feelings, needs, desires, behaviors, and personality traits that you are not aware of.  It incorporates a spiritual understanding and helps you re-awaken to who you really are.

What is this work?

The heart and soul of what I do is unearthing the programmed negative notions that have been subconsciously stopping you.  This work is about getting to the core of the hidden self-sabotage preventing your success, digging up the unseen origins of fears that are keeping you from loving yourself and others.  It is done with the spiritual intention of living from your wise, evolved higher consciousness.


What does it do?

This work is a face-to-face encounter within.  It enables the release of negative self-judgments, thus elevating and expanding what you truly deserve in life. This emotional and spiritual healing awakens radical self-acceptance, empowering you to discover and courageously live your true purpose, delivering your unique contribution to the world.   

Who is it for?

This profound work is for the brave and tenacious spiritual seeker who senses there is more to life than living in negativity and reactiveness.  It is for those wanting to attain consistent self-love and respond to others and life from acceptance.  It is for anyone who feels ready to make a commitment to evolve from fear to love.

How does it work?

This work is not about understanding concepts intellectually.  Rather, it is an experiential lens in which to perceive yourself, others and life.  It is a process of getting back in touch with your higher consciousness, remembering what you forgot.  It is melding deeper into empowerment and unconditional love.

Perfect Life Awakening allows you to meet yourself and love the parts you thought were broken or imperfect.  It can open your heart and expose your true nature. It can shift your perception of all that has happened in your life, seeing events teachers as guiding you to love. The work is discovering that the love you seek, the acceptance you crave, the forgiveness you believe you don’t deserve is available inside of you waiting to emerge from the shadows. 

Is it different than other trainings?

Much of personal growth trainings is about earning and proving your worthiness, learning spiritual bypass techniques, or struggling to apply concepts in order to transcend.  The Law of Attraction tells you to think positively, raise your vibration and you will earn manifestation points from the Universe. Self-help books convince you to just change and you will live happily ever after.  Religion admonishes you to be good for a guaranteed afterlife.

However, without clearing out the negative programmed beliefs that run your life subconsciously, those disciplines are about faking it through life.  Needless to say, they are frustrating.  

Who is it for?

If you want to connect experientially with your higher consciousness, your spiritual nature, and are willing to take an honest and deep look at yourself, you are definitely in the right place.  Whether you’ve travelled many paths or recently embarked on your inner inquiry, it's time to take a quantum leap to (r)evolutionary self-discovery. 

Where did it come from?

I’ve been doing this work for over forty years.  In the beginning, I would present lofty spiritual concepts but I observed my students' frustration at not being able to live them.  It became my mission to discover why.

The keys arrived intuitively.  Information expanded with each spiritual development class I taught.  Students opened their hearts, began loving themselves, awakened to their higher purpose.  Importantly, they were able to see themselves and life from a transformed place as their lives shifted. 


Now that I can teach remotely, my mission is to share this work with whoever is ready to receive.

     How would your life be       shifted from the roots?


"A spiritual teacher of Royce’s depth and heart is extremely rare — her trailblazing information comes from not only teaching and learning, but from years of seeing what works and what doesn’t.   With clarity, humor and candor, Royce shares the principles of life, how to transform areas that are stuck and disempowered, the goal being freedom from whatever is holding you back.”   – W. Taylor

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