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Royce Morales developed Perfect Life Awakening, Spiritual Cognition Integration and the Spiritual Integration Assisting Program  and has been teaching and utilizing these powerful techniques for four decades. Although each person can experience phenomenal shifts, there is no guarantee or prediction as to how results will manifest. 

Although there is no danger in doing this work, breaking through takes time, may bring up resistance and other issues arising.  This means the process is working and it’s highly suggested that the work continue committedly.  Royce Morales is not a therapist nor is she practicing psychotherapy. 

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 Thanks for landing here!  I'm Royce, and I developed Perfect Life Awakening out of an obsessive, life-long quest to figure out the meaning of life!  Really!   

It's hard to give myself a title since what I do is so eclectically all-inclusive.  So, here are some options:  "Spiritual Mentor," "Transpersonal Teacher," "Spiritual Teacher," etc.!  Take your pick or feel free to come up with your own!  

Perfect Life Awakening  is a break-through "inner makeover" course that helps you discover hidden "dark side" issues, those negative beliefs running your life subconsciously.  Why?  So you can deserve to live from your True  Authentic Self!

PLa provides powerful tools that dig up the roots of false, self-sabotaging notions and fear-based, programming, helping clear out what's stopping you! 

Since those core sources go deep and are often tangled in time, it's not always easy to get "woke."  But the results -- getting your life back --are truly worth it.    

Feel ready to uncover what's preventing living an empowered, joyful life?  Then the PLa accelerated personal discovery course is for you. 

Live the life you were born to live!

I do other things too...

I'm also a published author, inspirational speaker and planetary LOVE activist. 


As a word nerd, I help independent businesses discover, clarify and communicate their true intentContent Intent  helps you have beautiful, thoughtful, creative  websites, marketing tools, blogging, press releases, etc. 

I even ghost write books and articles!

I'm all about coming from my heart to help your life and your business flourish!   


Who is Royce?