Are you ready to transform your life?


Imagine possessing an intuitive compass. 


One that empowers you, supports you

and guides you toward

creating a joyful, meaningful life. 

Imagine fully trusting your choices,

free from the influence of negative,

self-sabotaging, inner programming.

Seeing life from the perspective of your soul,

led by love rather than fear.


It's no coincidence that you landed here. 


Maybe you've been searching for your purpose, trying to find inner peace, seeking joy that sticks. 

Maybe you've gone down many paths -- religions, philosophies, inner-development programs, therapies. 

Maybe they work for a while, or open a door, but you just know there's more.


Maybe you've started to doubt you'll ever get where you want to get, so you're discouraged and tired of disappointment.

Maybe landing here at this precise moment of your life could be the message you've been waiting for.  It could be the evolutionary journey of deep self-discovery that finally works. 

This spiritually-based inner clearing work is a truly magical process of transforming your life. 


It's about becoming in-tune with your innermost desires, awakening to, and living, a Higher Consciousness existence.

Unlike reading self-help books, this work gets to the root of subconscious, fear-based programming so that repetitive, destructive patterns can resolve.  Once. And. For. All.

Maybe everything in your life has led you here, 

ready for this moment.

Ready for a tangible, empowering, life-shifting,

down-to-earth inner transformation.

Maybe it's time for you to 

deserve to be all that you truly are.

And, may your life never be the same. 


"A spiritual teacher of Royce’s depth and heart is extremely rare — her trailblazing information comes from not only teaching and learning, but from years of seeing what works and what doesn’t.   With clarity, humor and candor, Royce shares the principles of life, how to transform areas that are stuck and disempowered, the goal being freedom from whatever is holding you back.”   – W. Taylor

To sign up for Empower Your Life or

to discuss working privately with Royce,

call or email for a free consultation:  

(310) 710-9741 or 

Royce Morales developed Perfect Life Awakening, Empower Your Life, Spiritual Cognition Integration and the Spiritual Integration Assisting Program  and has been teaching and utilizing these powerful techniques for over four decades.


Although each person can experience phenomenal shifts, there is no guarantee or prediction as to how results will manifest. 

Although there is no danger in doing this work, breaking through takes time, may bring up resistance and other issues may arise.  This means the process is working and it’s highly suggested that the work continue committedly.  


Royce Morales is not a therapist nor is she practicing psychotherapy.   Those under psychiatric care need to discuss doing this deep spiritual inner work before embarking. 

Designed and written joyously 

by Royce Morales

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