This is a time we’ll undoubtedly remember for the rest of our lives. We’ll be telling our unborn grandchildren about it. Our already born grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren about it.

But, what story will you be telling?

That you sat glued to your couch freaking out? Or that you saw this as a time to become more of who you really are, to fulfill your Bigger Purpose, to get in touch with your creativity, to help others in some way? That you heard the glaring hint from Mother Earth and began to take your stewardship role seriously?

Most importantly, will you be proudly sharing that you were able to resolve your fear and not let it control you?

Whether you know it or not, this is the moment you’ve been preparing for your entire life. How you choose to be during this time of turmoil can shift things for the rest of your life.

You may not be able to change the situation, but you can change your thoughts and attitude about it.

You can make conscious choices based on direction from your Wise Inner Self rather than from panic.

You can use this time to do things you may not know you can do.

You can see this time as a profound opportunity to re-discover what’s truly important in life.

Why? So as not to look back with regret and should-haves.

I teach people how to discover what their fears are really about so they can move to trust and personal empowerment. I’ve been working for decades in small groups as well as with individuals going through all kinds of crises.

I’d be honored to assist you during this unprecedented opportunity.

I invite you to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if this spiritually-based inner work is a good fit. Email me at LvsreaL@aol.com


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Find out if this life-shifting journey is a good match for you. 

Reach out to Royce for a

free fifteen minute consultation:  

(310) 710-9741  or email LvsreaL@aol.com 

Royce Morales developed Perfect Life Awakening, Empower Your Life, Spiritual Cognition Integration and the Spiritual Integration Assisting Program and has been teaching and utilizing these powerful techniques for over four decades.


Although each person can experience phenomenal shifts, there is no guarantee or prediction as to how results will manifest. 

Although there is no danger in doing this work, breaking through takes time, may bring up resistance and other issues may be ready to arise.  This means the process is working and it’s highly suggested that the work continue committedly.  


Royce Morales is not a therapist nor is she practicing psychotherapy.  Those under psychiatric care need to discuss doing this deep spiritual inner work before embarking.